About Me

These are the ramblings of a casual INFJ who has more limerent episodes than the government has narcissists . I get along with most, but only a select few really know me. I enjoy music, especially rock and metal. My interests are eclectic, as are my friends.

Symbology intrigues me. I look for and see patterns everywhere. I like to find the hidden meaning in things.

I’m pagan by nature, a romantic, and a dreamer. I believe that there is at least some good in most situations and people. However, I am not naive, I’m an optimist.

Forgiving and loyal to a fault, I don’t see the need to purposely perpetuate discord. Understanding the differences, I also know that compromise and harmony can always be reached, given enough time and interest in doing so.

I usually know what those around me are feeling, if not thinking. I almost always know when you’re lying to me, but am too non-confrontational to call you on it.

I have at least three stories going on in my head at any given point Most times the myriad of possible outcomes of a situation are more attractive to me than the details. Although I am neat and organized, important details can easily escape me. They’re just too monotonous to ponder for long.

I enjoy writing but am too self-conscious to share with others unless I can do it anonymously. This blog serves as my outlet. Thanks for hanging with me 🙂

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