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Why I Love the Tarot

To many people, a deck of tarot cards represents something just a little less sinister than evil. However, a quick check of Wikipedia shows us that these cards came about in the 15th century and were originally used for playing games.  Not unlike our playing cards of today.  It wasn’t until a few hundred years later that they were used for mystic divination. 

When you mention tarot I think most, if not all, people think of gypsies, glass bead curtains, crystal balls, and smoky incense.  I must admit, the image is a little romantic and attractive. 

An exotic woman clad in brightly woven clothing glides across the dimly lit room.   She explains to the teenaged girl sitting at the table  that she can help her to see her future.  The question must be asked with sincerity and intent. All answers are held in these mystical cards.  And so they are, in a way. 

The tarot helps me organize my thoughts about a particular subject and the cards themselves represent different angles from which to view them.  In other words, they help me think. Nothing magical or occult.  Confused?

There are scores of spreads (layouts) , each particularly good at thinking through a question.  You may use a simple past-present-future spread to think about just that. The past, the present, and the future.  You may choose a different spread for a question related to finances.

Each position in a spread asks you think about a specific part of the question asked within the spread.  For instance, the card in position three  in the Celtic Cross spread represents the root cause of the problem.

Finally, each card has a specific meaning.  They also have different and special meanings if they’re dawn in a reverse position.  Learning them takes some time.  I still need to refer to a book from time-to-time.

So to put this all together, if I had a relationship-related question I might choose to use a Celtic cross spread, where the card in the third position relates to the root cause of the problem or matter.  I draw the Four of Cups card in that position.  This card tells me that my problem may be centered around a longing for that which is indefinable and ignoring the reality. Hmmmm.  I think about that and it could be true.  My limerence often times leads me to this place, and I am in a strong limerent state right now.

However, this reading is dependent upon all other cards in the spread and what they’re projecting.  The meaning of a card can be slightly altered, weakened, or strengthened by the presence of another card in a complimentary or opposing position. 

What this does is force you think about different possibilities and outcomes for the problem on which you are meditating.  Very handy.  It sparks the imagination and sometimes a revelation.  Often I come up with the best and most creative solutions to a problem after consulting the cards.

This is why I love the tarot. Well.  That and the fact that the artwork is delightful!

Interested in the tarot?  There are several different decks to choose from.  You need to research them and see which deck speaks to you.  I use the Druidcraft tarot.


I Gazed Upon the Moon Last Night.

I gazed upon the Moon last night, and all I could think about was you.
I wished for the best result despite always knowing it’d not be true.
What’s the nature of the problem dear child?  What has you so obsessed?
My mind was filled with thoughts, all wild, and then I soon confessed.
The man I know is right for me must not know that I exist
I call to him each night you see, with whispers set upon the mist.
I listen intently all that night and all throughout the day,
For a simple sound, no matter how slight, so I know he’s on the way.
But I never seem to find the sign that he’s walking straight and true
And that is why I’m here tonight, to make this humble query of you.
Her gossamer shroud of silver light reached to me, and  I was unprepared.
As she embraced me with a force of might,  made of nothing more than air.
He wanders off the path sometimes, but he always finds his way.
Back to the road that leads to you.  He’ll make it here some day.
The universe cannot be rushed, all  things happen in their season.
If you truly want the love you seek, your resolve, it can not weaken.
What you must do is keep the faith, and always be his light.
And he will make his way to you, when the time is right.
She wiped away my tear of joy,  my quandary heard its knell.
I willed to keep the candle lit, my doubts have all been quelled.
I gazed upon the Moon last night, all I could think about was you.
She persuaded me that all was right, there’s nothing more for me to do.

Hello World!

These are the ramblings of a casual INFJ who has more limerent episodes than the government has narcissists .  I get along with most, but only a select few really know me.  I enjoy music, especially rock and metal.  My interests are eclectic, as are my friends.  

Symbology intrigues me.  I look for and see patterns everywhere. I like to find the hidden meaning in things.

I’m pagan by nature, a romantic, and a dreamer.  I believe that there is at least some good in most situations and people.  However, I am not naive, I’m an optimist.

Forgiving and loyal to a fault, I don’t see the need to purposely perpetuate discord.  Understanding the differences, I also know that compromise and harmony can always be reached, given enough time and interest in doing so.

I usually know what those around me are feeling, if not thinking.  I almost always know when you’re lying to me, but am too non-confrontational to call you on it. 

I have at least three stories going on in my head at any given point  Most times the myriad of possible outcomes of a situation are more attractive to me than the details.  Although I am neat and organized, important details can easily escape me.  They’re just too monotonous to ponder for long.

I enjoy writing but am too self-conscious to share with others unless I can do it anonymously.  This blog serves as my outlet.  Thanks for hanging with me 🙂

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